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English Shows

3-4-5 right triangle between 3 Crop Circles ! (2020)

Crop Circles with Pascal Treffainguy

Thanks to the Brazilian mind openness, Pascal brings us a lot of informations on extraterrestrials, intraterrestrials, aliens, spirituality, UFOs, 33 harmonics, sacred geometry, Metatron's cube, the Wiltshire and Stonehenge, Cydonia and Mars, Chico Xavier's prophecy, radionics ... and many other subjects related to crop’ circles.

He will also tell us about fake crop circles and the 2018 hoax at Sarraltroff made by Astronogeek, the crops of 2019 and the 2020 season to come… Will be revealed an antidote to COVID-19 ?

France-Brazil-Canada triangle / UFOs / Coronavirus and crop circles in 2020 / Freemasons

Notre-Dame de Paris and crop circles in 2019 / HAARP / Atlantis, Mars and Cydonia

2019 french crop circles : Amazing alignments around Paris - Umberto Molinaro

What happened in summer 2019 in France was unexpected, unprecedented and extraordinary : 16 crop circles ! Who could have imagined that ?! The majority of these crop circles are aligned and form remarkable geometric figures. We are not talking about perfect but remarkable figures since harmony meets other requirements than simply ratios, numbers and distances.

You will also discover that the crop circles are aligned on the north / south axis and other directions both in France and in England where it was very different from other years. This is similar to what happened in France.

Since crop circles were noticed more than 40 years ago, we have never seen such a thing, it is a very important turning point because even crop circles made by humans with boards have been integrated into this "Great Work".

Channeling with Lulumineuse and intraterrestrials about Crop Circles

Lulumineuse receives direct responses from intraterrestrials (aliens from the underground) regarding our questions on crop circles.

On the trail of real Crop Circles - Philippe Mariaud

We are going to see what tools allowed Philippe Mariaud to study the sacred geometry of numerous crop circles and understand how he was able to distinguish real versus fake crop circles.